Estimated world population when this website was created, January 01, 2013: 7,056,700,180

Welcome to 7 Billion and You!

Our organization is an initiative created by the Human Evolutionary Studies Program at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada, and is dedicated to fostering informed dialogue on population-related topics. Our belief is that informed discussion is the first, necessary step to addressing the challenges produced by current human numbers. Our objectives are to provide information to fuel that discussion and a forum where it can occur.

You can access source material on human population and related issues in Recent Literature using the Navigation menu in the sidebar on the left. Articles contain downloadable pdf files; Publication Links provide access to online media. Our intention is to continually expand this resource, and we invite you to submit any articles, academic papers, or other information you believe relevant to discussion on human population. Please send material to

The navigation menu also links to Population Organization, an expanding list of organizations dedicated to informing or dealing with human population or any issue connected to the growth in human numbers. If you know of a suitable group that we have not included or have missed an organization with which you are affiliated, please send the information to We would be delighted to add it to the database.

We maintain an open Facebook group, 7 Billion and You, where members can post, comment, and engage in discussion of population-related topics. Please click on the link provided, join the group, and become part of the discussion! The more people who are informed and discussing population, the better our chances for effectively confronting the threats of overpopulation. 

You can also find us making regular posts on Twitter. Follow us @7BillionAndYou and please retweet anything you find to be relevant and/or of interest. 

If you have any comments, suggestions, or contributions for this website - or on any matter related to our initiative - please contact us at

Imagination that leads to a single step is all that is needed to change the world.


  • New Info-Link Page We have just created a new page on where we will post links to population-related, web pages, graphics, widgets, etc. You can find the page by clicking ...
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  • 2015 UN Report on Integrating Population into Development available The 2015 UN report "Integrating Population Issues into Sustainable Development", including the post-2015 Development Agenda is available for viewing/download in Recent Literature/Academic under the filename UNPopulationReport2015.pdf
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  • Changes Happening After a too-long hiatus, we are revamping our library of Recent Literature. If you go to the Navigation Sidebar and click on Recent Literature you will see links to ...
    Posted Mar 21, 2015, 10:27 AM by Don White
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